3449 Rosewood Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

In addition to 35 years of Medical experience and over 10 years of  Assisted Living operations, Bentley House is a cozy home that offers  excellent care for residents in a very warm and friendly atmosphere.

Bentley House offers highly trained professionals, including an RN,  Medical Director, Pharmacy Consultant, Nutrition Director, and Activity  Director 24/7. Our focus is on the social, spiritual and important needs  of each and every individual in a place of unconditional love and  unending compassion. There’s no other place like us.

With our compassionate and friendly staff, home-like living  environment, and communal opportunities, residents are sure to have a  remarkable experience while living in Bentley House.

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Bentley House

3449 Rosewood Ave Los Angeles, CA 90066

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Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is to provide the highest quality of healthcare  professionals. Serenity Care Health thoroughly screens each applicant  and follows an internal quality assurance program to ensure we are  hiring the most highly-qualified candidates. We work with many locations  in many different capacities with the sole goal being to enhance  quality. To the right are locations that we own, operate or assist in  its well being. We truly believe in Quality Care for ALL!