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Care Homes for the Elderly

We provide excellent small, large, and medium-sized assisted living  communities for the Elderly. Experience the difference with Serenity  Care Health!


In-Home Caretakers

We offer FBI background check cleared, 100% insured and bonded –  licensed senior aides. All of our senior aides are currently employed at  our Assisted Living Facilities. We have experienced senior aides who  are always alert and prepared for any situation.


Medical Billing

We provide the highest quality of healthcare professionals. We have many  locations in many different capacities with the main goal being to  always enhance quality.



Video Tour

View the inside of our beautiful care homes and communities.



About SCH

Learn about the people who are behind Serenity Care Health.



Community Events

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A Few Words About Our Care and Services


David C.

"I had placed my mother in 3 other care homes before coming here and I  have to say that truthfully she has never been happier. It’s worth  traveling from the Inland Empire to Los Angeles."


Mary A.

"I’m so so happy that I found Serenity Care Health Assisted Living. From  the beginning they were so helpful from listening to me about the needs  and expectations for a place for my aunt, to helping us coordinate  moving her in. They
truly care about their residents and their families and worked with me  through the whole process! I feel so comfortable with her there and  don’t have to worry at all about her. Great company, with great  facilities!!!"


Bryan L.

"My  dad is very ill and needs a lot of medical attention. It is very  refreshing to see that he is visited by a real Doctor in the comfort of  the care facility. Having this service at no charge has saved us so much  money in hospital visits alone."